If you haven’t heard, we’ve had a bit of a thing called Covid-19 going on. It’s been a very interesting time to say the least!

Because of the closures and social distancing it has caused many couples to reschedule their weddings to 2021. What does that mean for you?

Issues for 2021

The main issue you are going to run across is it’s going to be harder to find vendors for 2021!
Because of the rescheduled weddings and events, most vendors have had to take up dates that would have gone to 2021 couples. Venues, Photographers, Caterers seem to be the hardest to book. I’ve talked to a lot of vendors and some have NO availability for next year at all.

So what are you supposed to do?
START EARLY!!!! If you have a 2021 wedding date, get your vendors booked NOW!
You may have to be a little more flexible on your date. Consider a weekday vs. a weekend. Some venues have required rescheduled to only use weekdays for rescheduled weddings and events, but some did it off of a first come first serve basis.

Consider a venue that is all-inclusive. The price tag may look bigger but you are paying to one vendor vs 5 different vendors.
If you are having an intimate wedding, (50 or less people) maybe consider a destination wedding to Cancun! (Contact PlumTree Travel who specializes in such things!)

Think outside the box! You can still have an amazing day even if you aren’t able to find your choice vendors! Private property, campground, or other outdoor area is always a fun idea. What is your favorite restaurant? See if they will cater and if they can’t provide wait staff, you can hire people separately to take care of that (independent servers). There are a lot of photographers! They may not be your first choice, but you will be able to find a photographer!

We have no idea what 2021 truly holds, but if you have enough time you can make sure you are prepared for whatever is thrown at you!

If you are starting to get a little anxious about your 2021 wedding, don’t do it alone! Get a planner involved so we can help guide you!