The Pretty Pictures

Oh social media and wedding professionals. You go to their sites and you see all the pretty things.  Everything is perfectly captured. It’s a total dream. You want your wedding to look JUST LIKE THAT! And you know it can be done becuase well….there are all these pretty pictures all over the place. Aren’t these amazing???  Note all the pictures below were from REAL weddings. They were not staged per se. Meaning there are no styled shoots here!


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Elsa Eileen Photography
Dax Photogrpahy
Dax Photography
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Okay, look. If you have been to any of my social media sites you know I do post some pretty pictures. But also post behind the scenes. Every wedding I have a thing I like to do called: Wedding Glamor Shots. These are the most “REAL” picture of the evening. Why do I do this? I mean, as a client I don’t want to see that sort of thing! I want to see all the pretty!  Well. I do this because I want people to realize that although there are perfect pictures captured, a wedding isn’t a series of perfect pictures. Some of the things photographers can do are short of amazing. Their job is to make everything beautiful and amazing.  It’s what they do!


My Syled Shoot Rant

This is my RANT! section. You knew it was coming. Now Let me talk a little more about these perfect pictures. Were they taken in a controled setting as in a styled shoot? If you follow me you know I have opinions on styled shoots. I  mean don’t get me wrong. They are great for a creative outlet and to show what you are capable of on a creative level. But understand that these styled shoots take hours to set up one table or shot. It doesn’t represent a real wedding where you have 4 hours to set up 20 tables and a ceremony site! And if you have ever steamed linens, you know that alone takes forever!  Then there is the budget. If I only have $300 towards decor for your wedding of 200+ people there’s a good chance it’s not going to look like some of these pictures. You know those awesome arbors that are just drapped with flowers and looks like a fairytale? You aren’t going to get that with a $2000 floral budget. But I digress….


Back to the pictures

Pretty pictures. About last year I thought it would be fun to show the not so pretty side of weddings. I mean everyone is posting the pretty, but no one is posting the real! That’s where I come in. I know, it’s a little odd…some may say twisted, but you know…I can sometimes have a pretty strange sense of humor.  Here are some awsome shots from real weddings!

Kids put their toys on the table. In this case the baby needed to eat…duh.
The dog gets thursty!
Wildlife tries to be a part of the set up. Note: We named this mallard Violet. She was with us the entire time we set up. She just walked around making sure everything was up to her specs.
No everyone uses an ash tray.
This is what it looks like when your plate is clearned after you eat.
And when there is a monsoon and it’s a tent reception and there is no indoor space to move to. And the napkin falls in a puddle when you are clearning tables.


You are twisted!

As you can see some pictures are pretty gross or just disturbing.  But you know what. It’s so much fun. Even when it’s pouring down rain! I wouldn’t change what I did for anything. These Real pictures are the things that keep me going. Just as I love to see the finished pretty pictures, I love to look through the real pictures I take throughout the event. So if you are a little twisted and off…you should totally follow me. I try to balance out the pretty things with the real things.


If you have never thought about this. Your welcome.


And let me put my disclaimer in here. I’m by no means saying that the pretty pictrues aren’t REAL. They are very REAL. I’m talking REEEEAAAALLLL. So before anyone gets all in a tizzy over this I’m not taking away from any of the pretty!