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Dos and Don’ts for Mother of the Bride or Groom

POSTED DECEMBER 5, 2017 ERIKASEV Your child is getting married! Congratulations! As the mother of the Bride or Groom, what do you do? Years ago there were very set rules of what the roles were for the mother of the Bride or Groom. You knew where the boundaries were and you knew what was expected of you. […]


Table Settings and You

  Table Settings and You…. POSTED NOVEMBER 14, 2017 ERIKASEV What’s going on? I’m on Pinterest a lot! I’m always looking for inspiration for brides and for myself. I love a good table setting and Pinterest is FILLED with different ideas for centerpieces and cute ways to set the table for your event. Now a lot of […]


All Vendors Matter…but…

All Vendors Matter…but… POSTED NOVEMBER 13, 2017 ERIKASEV The most important vendor you can hire is… If you ask me the most important vendor on your list, of course, I’m going to say a Planner. I mean, I think I’m required to by some planner law I signed up with at some point. But seriously, the most […]


Why I stood on the Right…

Do I stand on the left or right? You go to weddings all the time. The bride is always on the left, the groom is always on the right. But wait! Why is my wedding picture opposite?  Yes, I’m actually standing on the right! What gives? After 20  years I reveal the reason for this decision! Yes, […]

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