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I want to be an Event Planner or a Wedding Planner

I want to be an Event Planner or a Wedding Planner! So many times I have people contact me asking the burning question of how to become an Event Planner and/or Wedding Planner. Most people are just coming off of a wedding they planned for a friend or their own wedding. Or they helped with […]


How to Pick an Event Planner/Coordinator/Designer

POSTED NOVEMBER 29, 2017 ERIKASEV Do I need an Event Planner or Coordinator or Designer? The first question you should ask yourself is…do I know the difference between an Event/Wedding Planner, Coordinator, and a Designer? Let’s look at each one first. Event/Wedding Planner: A planner is the one that starts the process and creates the map and […]


All Vendors Matter…but…

All Vendors Matter…but… POSTED NOVEMBER 13, 2017 ERIKASEV The most important vendor you can hire is… If you ask me the most important vendor on your list, of course, I’m going to say a Planner. I mean, I think I’m required to by some planner law I signed up with at some point. But seriously, the most […]


Erika’s Event Planning is now PlumTree Events!

After much contemplation, I’ve made the decision to rename and rebrand. Erika’s Event Planning & Consulting, LLC is officially PlumTree Events, LLC. So how the heck did this even happen and why? One evening a group of planners got together. As we were going around the table introducing ourselves, it dawned on me that everyone […]

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