Second Time’s a Charm…


second wedding, encore wedding

Low Key or Extravagant for Second Wedding?

Tradition and etiquette dictate that a second, or encore wedding should be simple and casual instead of being formal and extravagant.Such a ceremony is designed to celebrate two people who want to embark on a new marriage with different partners. And if you want to go all out. Then Queen DO IT!



Etiquette In Announcing Your Engagement

The couple’s parents should be the next to be informed and then the respective ex’s. The ex-wife or ex-husband should make an effort to appease the children and reassure them about their roles in the new family.

Engagement rings from the past should not be worn anymore based on second wedding etiquette. All signs of previous relationships should be taken away once planning for the wedding and announcements are made.

The marriage can be announced informally through social media, e-mails, and phone calls. Or they can get the gorgeous stationery that they have always wanted. Under Second Wedding Etiquette, the couple does not have to host an engagement party but a small gathering can be organized where you can make that important announcement.


Who’s Going?

Just about anybody can attend. However, in observance of Second Wedding Etiquette ex-spouses and former in-laws should not be invited even if you are in speaking terms to avoid awkwardness among the other guests.

The couple should calculate a realistic budget for the wedding. You are getting a second chance to have the wedding of your dreams, it could be elegant, extravagant, or intimate. Right, that Wrong!!!


Vows and Ceremonies

Encore weddings are normally done as a civil ceremony but it can also be done in a religious ceremony. There are many ways to make the ceremony feel very intimate and special. Writing vows is common as is something like a sand unity ceremony for the family.  Any children of the couple can also be assigned to do an important part of the ceremony in order to foster unity. They can escort you while walking the aisle, read passages, or serve as attendants at the event.


second wedding, encore wedding

Are Wedding Showers Needed?

Wedding showers for Encore Couples are normal but this needs to adhere to second etiquette rules.

– Only guests should be invited

– Club, Office and school showers can also be done and can be attended by others, not on the official guest list. However, those that attended the first weddings should not participate




second wedding, encore wedding, reception

Wedding Gifts and Registry

Guests need to know what to buy! They will have the uncontrollable urge to give something even if the couple does not want gifts. So couples should go sign up for the bridal registry at some of their favorite stores! There is also a honeymoon registry you can sign up for where people donate activities, meals, and extras on your trip.




Wedding Gift Ideas for Wedding number 2

  • Gift certificates—restaurants, spas, stores
  • DVD player and DVDs
  • Charity Donations
  • Coffee maker, pasta maker, cookbooks



encore wedding, second wedding, reception

Wedding Receptions and Parties

The reception may be extravagant or simple depending on the taste of the couple. You are free to do whatever you want. A small cocktail party, a backyard barbeque, a huge reception with dinner, cake, and dancing! Especially if your first wedding was a small wedding with 10 people eating pizza in the parking lot of City Hall. Then for sure have the huge reception!




Not Necessary The Second Time Around

  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Attendants
  • Accompanying the bride down the aisle
  • Procession

But if you want to have a rehearsal dinner, 12 attendants on each side, have all your besties walk you down the aisle, and then dance your way back down. DO IT! You should start to see a theme here!



  • Make a gift registry even if you don’t want gifts
  • The children should have responsibilities in the ceremony
  • Customize and personalize the wedding and reception.
  • An amazing party with all your friends and family!

Please Avoid

  • Doing the same things in like your first wedding.
  • Wearing a similar wedding dress.
  • Marry in the exact spot of your first wedding.
  • Use old rings from a past marriage.
  • Criticizing former spouses


  • Showers
  • Engagement Party
  • Announcement in the newspaper
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • A laving wedding with attendants
  • Parents walking down the aisle A different color for the wedding dress instead of white

No matter what the “rules say” it’s still your day and you have to do what you want!


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