The Process & Current client scheduling

Learn how our process works. Once you become a client you can schedule meetings through our scheduling tool for your convenience!
We hope to hear from you soon!

1. Contact Me

Fill out the contact sheet on the Contact Us tab.
You will fill out a brief questionnaire so I can see if we are available for your date.
If we are available you will receive a scheduling link to schedule your initial consultation meeting. This consultation meeting is an information gathering meeting for both you and me. I encourage you to ask as many questions as you like!

2. The Quote

After our conversation, I will send over a quote based on what we discussed during our meeting. Take the time to look over everything. In this quote, you will see what is offered, what the cost will be.

3. The contract

If the quote looks good to you, you will then receive a contract. This contains all the little details that we agreed to and that we will both expect of one another throughout the process.

4. The planning

Once everything is signed sealed and delivered, we start the planning process. This will include an initial planning meeting, access to your portal, and all sorts of fun things!


Current Client Scheduling

This scheduling tool is for current clients who wish to book some time with us.

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