After much contemplation, I’ve made the decision to rename and rebrand. Erika’s Event Planning & Consulting, LLC is officially PlumTree Events, LLC. So how the heck did this even happen and why?

One evening a group of planners got together. As we were going around the table introducing ourselves, it dawned on me that everyone had a really cute name. My company name seemed to be dull and boring. Now I know that I have a bit of sparkle regardless, but it just seemed to fall flat. I have been thinking about my identity and changing the business name for at least a year and this seemed like the perfect group to brainstorm with.  We made a group decision that by the end of the evening I would have a new name for my company. After some absolutely hysterical stories and a few adult beverages, we came up with PlumTree Events.

How exactly did this even come up? When I was growing up my grandparents lived on PlumTree Lane. I spent most of my childhood there. Then WE moved to PlumTree Lane when I was 13. My great grandmother lived across the street. I grew up there. I learned many valuable lessons there. The memories I have with my Great Grandmother, Grandparents, Parents are nothing but good ones. The foundation to my whole being was created here. It was home.

Let me paint this picture for you. I lived in a relatively small town in Southern New Jersey. It was a dry town. Everyone knew everyone. This town was constructed by Levitt & Sons. As one of the oldest townships in New Jersey, it was the 3rd town they had developed in a specific manner. Now when I describe where I grew up, people think I’m recreating some fictional town; Pleasantville if you will.  There were 10 “Parks” in the town. A park was a section of town that all the streets started with the same letter. For example. I lived in Pennypacker Park. And lived on PlumTree Lane. Each park had its own elementary school.  So it was like each park was its own entity within the town. So if you said what street you lived on that told everyone everything they needed to know about you. Each park had it’s own identity, and of course would eventually go to one of 2 high schools in town. Each park also had a specific style house. So you could also tell what part of town someone lived on by the type of house they lived in.

So it was a very structured, organized town. When people think of New Jersey they don’t think of something like this. It was a very unique town with very unique people. It was a very diverse town. Everyone knew who you were so there was no getting away with anything. Everyone looked out for one another. It was honestly the best place on earth and the best community to live in. Pennypacker was one of the oldest parks in the town.  And if you had to give it a personality, I would say it was more hardworking and grounded than the rest of the town. I’m sure others may disagree with me.

So when the name PlumTree came up for a name I thought about all the qualities this neighborhood represented and came to realize that’s how I want my business to be. Structured, organized, humble, hard-working, friendly, everyone knows everyone, fair, family oriented, and real.  This would be the foundation that I was raised on and it’s the foundation I will run my company on.  It has taken me a few years to really find my identity, but as they say: it doesn’t matter how long it took you to get to where you are, as long as you get there.