Greetings fabulous people!

Well, honestly this situation just really sucks for everyone. I have been in contact with venues and vendors and we are formulating a solid plan.

Currently, we are looking at events 30 days out before we make decisions on whether or not to reschedule. At this time we are looking at April Events only. The main reason we are doing it like this is to give everyone a fair shot at dates and not to overwhelm venues and vendors.

A reminder that legally I can not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. I can explain what your options are and if things are possible or not. I am here to support and navigate in whatever decision that is made.

I will keep everyone posted on what I know and what is going on. We can’t control every situation, but we can control how we react. This is a bump in the road. So try to stay positive, enjoy your time with your loved ones. Get some projects done that you have been working on. And when the 30-day mark hits for your event we will talk through the options.

If anyone would like to talk, vent, ask me questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m here for you through this!
406-830-9556 (yes you can text me too)