Have a question regarding events or weddings? Maybe want to ask me a question regarding what I do? Or maybe you have an etiquette question you aren’t sure of…. You are in the right spot!  Check out our FAQ! You can submit questions through my contacts page and I will post and answer (as long as they are appropriate for the topic!)


How can I contact you? And what happens when I do?

You can click on the “Contact” button on the website and fill out the form. (Just like you submitted this question!)  You can email me at erika@plumtreeevents.com. You can send me a message through my facebook page www.facebook.com/plumtreeevents. You can call or text me at 406-830-9556. I typically answer within a few hours but no more than 24 hours!

As far as what happens. There are some questions I will ask right up front. I will as you the date of your event and the type of event you are having. This way I can check my availability! If I am available we will then talk about what you are looking for.  I will tell you a little more about the package offerings and what the starting prices are.  We will then set up an information-gathering meeting. This is where we will talk about the who, what, where, and why’s of your event.  After I have gathered all the information I will come up with a proposal and send it over to you for review.  A contract will be drawn up and as soon as I have the signed contract and the first deposit we can get moving!

It’s at this point we will set up the initial consultation meeting to really dig deep into the details of what you want, what you like and what you need.   We will discuss the budget and come up with a plan.  You will receive a bunch of information from me which includes a budget sheet, checklists, online planning tool and other information specifically designed for your event.

No matter what the package you choose, I will make sure you will not have to worry about all the details so you can be present at your event and focus on your guests.


If I hire an event planner won’t they want to run the whole show?

A professional will work with you to handle as much or as little of your event as you wish. After all, it’s YOUR event. The planner is there to help you and your family and make the day as perfect as possible.


Why can’t I do the planning myself?

You certainly can do the planning yourself, and that sometimes is part of the fun. But it also can be a hassle: checking out many sources for each vendor category, making sure all the details are in place and worrying about whether you’re getting the best deal and whether everything will turn out all right. An ABC bridal professional has the training and experience to make it all come together while you relax.


Do I need a contract?

You should have some agreement in writing. While some people prefer a formal contract, a letter of agreement signed by both of you is usually enough. This is an informal contract which spells out fees, payment schedules, and what each of you will do.


What qualities should I look for in a Planner?

It is important you look for one with professional credentials. You should also be very comfortable with the person. You will be spending a lot of time together planning your event.


Do Planners get “kickbacks’ from vendors?

Some vendors do offer commissions to planners much as airlines pay commissions to travel agents. I personally do not accept any type of kickback. All savings I receive through vendor relationships are passed on to the client.


How can I tell if a Planner is reputable?

As an Association of Bridal Consultants member, I agree to uphold the ABC Code of Ethics and Standards of Membership regardless if it is a wedding or event. My own personal code of ethics . Look for the Association’s logo and ask to see a current ABC membership certificate, contact the Association to verify the consultants status. Be sure to ask the consultant during the interview what kind of education and experience they have. Our members work towards the designation of Professional Bridal Consultant (TM) once they have completed the Professional Development Program. Some senior members have the designation of Accredited Bridal Consultant (TM) or Master Bridal Consultant (TM). Each of these has a certificate and indicates higher levels of training and experience. Some members also participate in Association sponsored seminars and workshops. Certificates indicating that they have completed this training also may be displayed.


What will a Planner Charge?

Most planners charge an hourly rate or a fixed fee, or a combination of both. And corporate may be based on a percentage of the budget for the event. All these methods are acceptable, but you should clarify in writing how and when you will compensate your planner for his or her services.

An event planner is part of your budget, not an extra expense. In fact, you often save money because a planner suggests affordable alternatives that still enhance your event. The professional event planner will work with you to produce your event, including the planner’s fees, all within your budget.


How can I tell if a planner is providing a quality vendor?

Event Planners work with many different vendors and service providers. They have the experience to know who is the best suited for your event. The planner’s reputation depends on the quality of the services you receive. A planner is committed to providing the best possible event for the lowest possible cost. Also, the planner’s job is to keep you on budget.


How can I pull it all together?

My family lives in a different part of the country and we are getting married in another place.

Through ABC’s network, a member can work with more than 4000 other members worldwide to help you arrange your wedding wherever you choose – in your current town, in your parents’ hometown or a special destination of your choice.


How can a Bridal Consultant Help?

We are a typical family – divorced relatives and working parents.

With so many brides and their parents working, a bridal consultant can handle much of the time-consuming detailed planning for your wedding. You save time, reduce stress and concentrate on having fun as your wedding approaches. An experienced consultant can often smooth the complex relationships found when today’s modern family plans a wedding.


Do I need a Bridal Consultant?

A consultant will be a distinct asset as you plan your wedding. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time with your fiance and your families, rather than worrying about all the details of your special day? A consultant will take care of those details leaving you to have the fun. And on your wedding day, you shine as the star, while your consultant works behind the scenes to make your dreams come true!


What is a Bridal Consultant?

A Bridal Consultant is a professional whose training, expertise and contacts will help make your wedding as close to perfect as it possibly can be. You can relax (as much as you can) and be a guest at your own wedding (SM)

You can count on an ABC professional consultant to help you in many roles:

Advisor: As an expert, the consultant knows weddings, from the socially correct invitation formats through the proper planning and organization of the reception.

Coordinator: Through extensive contacts in the wedding business, the consultant can match you with the right professionals, from photographer to caterer, to turn your wedding dreams into reality.

Supervisor: Why should you worry about the details of planning your wedding? Your consultant will work with the other professionals you have chosen to help ensure everything happens just as you wish.

Financial Planner: If you’re working with a budget (and who isn’t?), your consultant can help you organize your dream wedding within your budget, by suggesting ways to make your dollar go the farthest.

Mediator: Caught between “ex”-families and “step”-families? A bridal professional, as an independent third party, can often smooth ruffled feathers and mediate disagreements. Sometimes your consultant may be nothing more than a “shoulder to cry on” to support you during the hectic days before your wedding.


**Taken from “Want to be a guest at Your Own Wedding? (SM) – Hire a professional bridal consultant. – ABC Brochure.  If you would like a copy of the brochure please use the contact form to submit your information and I can send one (or more) out to you!

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