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Montana Events and Balloons!

Montana Weddings and Events Behind the Trend?

We always kind of half-joke that Montana is at least 5 years behind the trends. Well in some cases this is true, but for some things, it’s just not! I think the reason for this is because we are stuck in a mason jar burlap feel because well, it’s that rustic chic everyone is looking for when they think Montana

Weddings and Events: Cutting Costs

Weddings & Events: Cutting Costs As a wedding and event planner in Western Montana, I plan a large range of events. Most are trying to cut costs. Which I can totally understand! BUT and of course, there is a HUGE BUT here. I used to be the planner that would give...

The Drama Wedding Wire Stirred Up!

This week Wedding Wire released their Cost Guide tool on their website. For couples, this is quite the helpful tool. You can enter your location and look to see what the average prices are for vendors. You can also do a search on the side by what your vendor budget is...

I want to be an Event Planner or a Wedding Planner!

So many times I have people contact me asking the burning question of how to become an Event Planner and/or Wedding Planner. Most people are just coming off of a wedding they planned for a friend or their own wedding. Or they helped with a holiday party and want to do...

What is Etiquette?

Most people here the word etiquette and think of “Pride & Prejudice.” Or they think it’s for a different “class” type from a different time.  Nope! Every single time you interact with someone you have decisions to make on how you respond, how you portray yourself,...

What Vendors Do I REALLY Need at My Wedding?

Real Talk The goal of my blog is to give realistic information. I know a lot of the things I say may be a bit controversial with others in the wedding industry, but I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make sure people are educated so they can make informed...


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