Who is PlumTree Events?

Hello! My name is Erika Sherek. When I was growing up I was the one who was constantly organizing and planning various types of events in the neighborhood. Once a month I would put something together. My very first event was when I was 7 years old and decided the neighborhood should plan a luau. I got a few people to cook and rounded up the kids to make decorations. We turned my backyard into a tropical paradise (it was New Jersey!). The entire neighborhood attended and it was the start of something awesome. Ever since then all I’ve ever wanted to be was an Event Planner! Planning and organizing and seeing everyone socialize and having such a good time is the best thing ever!

I started planning on a professional level in 1998. I’ve always had a position at an organization where I ended up being THE event and meeting planner. So in 2007, I started a business called “Merry We Meet.”  After 18 years in Colorado, we moved to Montana and I continued on to the thing I love the most, planning events!

I’ve traveled the world and lived in many places. New Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Italy, Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, Colorado, Montana. So when people ask me where I’m from I tend to pause a bit. It’s really a trick question. So born and raised in South Jersey (there is a huge difference) but spent most of my time in Colorado.

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Why do I do this?

I have a true love and passion for what I do. I am always striving to make each event better than the last. I attend seminars, conventions, and workshops on a regular basis to keep up with an ever growing and fast-paced field. With this, I can better serve to be able to create fabulous events!

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Why PlumTree?

My grandparents lived on Plumtree Lane in a quaint town in New Jersey called Willingboro. This is actually where I was born. I spent many summers on Plumtree Lane. My grandmother always wanted me to be a broadcast journalist, so she would make me read and do research all summer. Yes, I had to learn a new word every day and use it in a sentence. I spent a lot of time with Mark Twain. As it would turn out, I would move to Plumtree Lane when I was 12, under the very watchful eye of “grandmare.” When I turned 16 I went to finishing school for a year in Philadelphia. This was all part of my “training” and the “ultimate plan.” My parents bought the house when my grandmother passed away and this would be where I would spend my days until I was 18. I have very fond memories of Plumtree Lane. It was a place of love, education, communication, and family. I learned a lot in that house, on that street. And with that, I take it with me through this journey.

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Memberships & Certifications

U.S. Event Guide Certified Event Planner

U.S. Event Guide Certified Wedding Planner

John Robert Powers Finishing and Charm School Graduate

The Association of Bridal Consultants – Professional Wedding Planner, Certified Wedding Planner, Bridal Consultant

International Association of Professional Event Planners

Bitterroot Wedding Association

Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church & American Marriage Ministries

Missoula Businesswomen’s Network

Notary Public for the State of Montana

National Association of Professional Women

Wedding MBA

Missoula Chamber of Commerce 2018-2019

Missoula Downtown Association 2018-2019

AACEA Alcohol Server Certified


Association of Bridal Consultants

Code of Ethics

Our ABC members agree to:

  • Represent each client fairly and honestly, providing all agreed-to services in a timely and cost-efficient manner
  • Establish reasonable and proper fees for services and provide written estimates to each client
  • Use honest, factual advertising
  • Deal with employees and clients fairly, in an unbiased manner
  • Disclose to clients any payments received from suppliers
  • Operate an establishment that is a credit to the community


Erika Sherek has met all the requirements to graduate from the U.S. Event Guide Event Planner and Wedding Planner Certification Programs

U.S. Event Guide (USEG) is a National Organization that offers a six-month training course (per certification) study program for event/wedding planners/consultants. Their mission is to provide education in event coordination and business practices, and through real-world training. Special emphasis is placed on the role of the consultant providing professional advice to clients in planning and coordinating an event and wedding. U.S. Event Guide promotes a level of excellence that exceeds the standard in the industry for consultants, coordinators, and affiliated event/wedding professionals.

Selecting a U.S. Event Guide consultant assures clients professional, personalized attention from first meeting through perfectly orchestrated event/wedding day. Clients save time and money, avoid stress, and obtain peace of mind by hiring consultants who have completed our certification program.

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