My last event of the season is this weekend.  It seems like forever ago that my first event in March happened. It’s about this time that I’m mentally drained, physically a mess. The months of stress and not eating right are all catching up. I had a wonderful staff this year that I can’t thank enough for being amazing and making my job easier and our people happy. So a total shout out to Jake, Danielle, Pete, and Chelsea.

The group of vendors I worked with this year were also pretty awesome. I appreciate you all so much and enjoy working with you. There were some new vendors I got to work with as well as the usual crew. There is just something so incredible about having a team work an event that everything just clicks.

New Partnerships

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I formed some new partnerships with a few different vendors this year. Excited to be offering Elopement packages with Night Owl Imagery, the coordinator and planner for Anglers Lodge & Cabins and working with Wandering Spoons Travel Agency. There are a few more that I’m going to be adding to this list in the next few weeks…which I’m super excited about. And speaking of partnerships, Night Owl and I did 2 styled shoots together this year. I’m going to have to go off on a little tangent here for a minute. I have never been a big fan of styled shoots. Why? Because they are unrealistic and take SO MUCH WORK to put together. But I have to say I did embrace the creative side of it and I do have some other ideas that I want to play around with.

Back in the Corporate world

This past year I officially got back into the corporate world. It’s nice to be home! Now don’t get me wrong, I love weddings, but my comfort zone and livelihood is with corporate. Because of this, I’ve been thinking a lot about 2020. My corporate planning next year is looking very promising! I have some things in the works that I’m super excited about. Over the winter I’m going to be working on building my corporate event model to fit here in Montana. Along with some other ideas I’ve been working on! I’m planning on releasing all this for my 50th Birthday this year!!! (December 19th…make note!!)

Other Events

I have a few events that PlumTree Events is producing as well. Details will be put out once we get confirmation on a few details. I’m super excited because one event is in conjunction with Wandering Spoons and the other my assistant Jake is spearheading. I’m so excited for him to be taking the lead on this! There may be a third, but I’m still debating!


So what the heck am I going to do after this weekend? Welp, The first thing is I’m going to pick a rest day. I think I’m going to plan a day retreat and look over the 2019 events and see where I can improve and what worked well. I’ll be working on events for 2020 (Planning never rests!), and a trip down to Denver to see the kids (and the grandpuppies and grandkitty).

Thank you!

Again I want to thank everyone that I worked with, that worked with me and the wonderful people we got to help be a little less stressed for their event.